- Bea Palya and her band

"This music is our music! We spent a lot of time together with these wonderful men in our studio, until these songs were born. We can't wait to get the album to you!"

The repertoire of Bea's band based on songs from album called Nő / Woman (2014) and from new album called 'Tovább Nő' (2016). Going further on the path of Woman Bea continues the tradition created by herself. She sings about human issues, about all of us - woman, man, people - while she ask the most important questions to herself.

The musical language of these songs is created from the amalgamation of East and West, two parts of Europe where I am most familiar. Hungarian, Gypsy, Jewish elements melt into Indian and African influences, but medieval European music, jazz and other improvised styles also leave their mark. My fellow musicians bring their own musical tradition.”

Members of the band:

  • Bea Palya – voice, sansula, tapan, televi
  • Ernő Bodoczki – double bass
  • Tamás Czirják – drums, percussion
  • János Gerzson – oud, buzuki, violin
  • Balázs Dongó Szokolay – wind instruments
  • István Tóth Jr. – guitar

- Duet with István Tóth Jr.

The idea of a duet came about in connection with Bea's new band of which István Tóth Jr, winner of the special award at the Montreux Guitar Competition, is a member.

„It is great to make music with Pisti who is able to perfectly attune to my singing. His music is sometimes gentle, sometimes strong and manly, allowing me to act more feminine. Our repertoire contains both old and new tracks, but French and Spanish songs as well. I'm really looking forward to bringing our musical collaboration to fruition.”

Featuring: István Tóth Jr. – guitar


- Altatok (Lullaby) – concert for children

The core material of the concerts is Bea's Altatok album.

“„I have always wanted to write lullabies. My drawer and my computer is filled with drafts. When I was carrying my baby in my womb, I was overcome with passion and inspiration to conceive this album.

However, Altatok is more of a family album because some of the songs are about more complex things, such as intimacy, affection and the inner workings of the soul in general. I try to use humor to convey these sentiments while singing together.”

Featuring: János Gerzson – oud, buzuki, vocals


- Duet with Balázs Dongó Szokolay

„Singing in a duet allows me to get deeply involved into the art of my partner. We've been playing duets with Dongó for more than 10 years. On stage we not only make music, but we also demonstrate our deep friendship each time. The final picture is a surprise for both of us as well.

Our music is rooted in folk music, but we leave a lot of room for improvisation inspired by the moment. By constantly challenging each other, we play a sort of high-spirited personal folk music which is never played the same way twice. I am really fond of the unison of voice and wind instruments.”

Featuring: Balázs Dongó Szokolay – wind instruments


- Palya Bea in solo – JustOneVoice performance

„A concert, with nothing else, but my voice and what’s inside. The biggest challenge, as everything is visible, audible.

Many places I’ve been, many things I’ve seen, many feelings I’ve known...Anger, love, sadness, desire, loneliness, fear...I pack them in songs, I sing them from deep inside that I barely know, me either, I make fun of myself, I’m fooling around, I throw myself up as children throw the spotted ball on the playground. And I enjoy that the audience is resonating, crying, laughing with me.”