- Bea Palya and her band

"This music is our music! We spent a lot of time together with these wonderful men in our studio, until these songs were born. We can't wait to get the album to you!"

The repertoire of Bea's band based on songs from album called Nő / Woman (2014) and from new album called 'Tovább Nő' (2016). Going further on the path of Woman Bea continues the tradition created by herself. She sings about human issues, about all of us - woman, man, people - while she ask the most important questions to herself.

The musical language of these songs is created from the amalgamation of East and West, two parts of Europe where I am most familiar. Hungarian, Gypsy, Jewish elements melt into Indian and African influences, but medieval European music, jazz and other improvised styles also leave their mark. My fellow musicians bring their own musical tradition.”

Members of the band:

  • Bea Palya – voice, sansula, tapan, televi
  • Ernő Bodoczki – double bass
  • Tamás Czirják – drums, percussion
  • János Gerzson – oud, buzuki, violin
  • Balázs Dongó Szokolay – wind instruments
  • István Tóth Jr. – guitar